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"Our mission is to design, build and launch Space exploration spacecraft"

Bjarni Tryggvason Retired Space Shuttle Astronaut and Co-Founder of Mission Space


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Angus McGlynn


As the Co-Founder and CEO of Mission Space, Angus has led the rollout of this project since 2018. For more than 28 years, Angus has worked with technology companies worldwide developing their business strategy and providing project management, design, marketing and media relations' services. His academic background is in industrial design and innovation management. He currently acts as an advisor to Greenwall Environmental Innovation, which is part funded by UK's Aerospace Cornwall to further their R&D into the world's first bespoke portable asbestos in materials analyser and is located at Conrwall's Space Aerohub.

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Stan Larimer


Stan has developed unmanned air, ground, sea and space “drones” for 40 years with aerospace giants such as Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, Boeing, General Dynamics, and SAIC. Stan has taught rocket science at the US Air Force Academy. He is a pioneer on the cutting edge of blockchain secure technology. He is co-founder of Cryptonomex together with his son Dan Larimer, the originator of blockchain technologies that currently process over half of all public blockchain transactions in the world.

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Bjarni Tryggvason


A former Canadian Space Agency astronaut who flew on Space Shuttle Discovery in 1997, Bjarni was the lead in developing a small spacecraft launched from a Space Shuttle in 1992. He initiated and led the development of science hardware that flew on the Russian Mir space station, and of science hardware that flew on his Space Shuttle mission in 1997. He developed science experiments that have flown on the ISS. After retiring from CSA (2005 to 2013) he was a university lecturer on the Design of Space Systems and in Flight Mechanics, and from 2009 to 2017 a Test Pilot Instructor with the International Test Pilot School. 

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